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Southeast Pathology Instrument Service
1271 Redgate Rd. Charleston, SC 29412

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CEO and Owner: Michael Dietrich

CFO and Vice President: Jenny Millstein
(855) 731-7999 ext. 103
(843) 588-9456 fax

Service Manager: John Astad
(855) 731-7999 ext 118
(843) 588-9456 fax

Sales and Purchasing Department:

Sales and Purchasing Manager: Jim Thompson Jr.
855-731-7999 ext. 105

Sales and Purchasing Manager: Marc Rabinowitz
855-731-7999 ext.106

Shipping Department:

Shipping Manager: Dan Warren
855-731-7999 ext.110
(843) 795-5584 fax

Field Service Technicians:

Senior Service Technician: Ian Gleason

Service Coordinator: Dan Fenner

Field Service Technician: Jay Rice

Field Service Technician: Derrick Hood

Field Service Technician: Charleston Cowart

Field Service Technician: Charlie Meyers