Meet the Team

Take a moment and meet our team of professionals from around the country.

The Southeast Pathology team
Michael Dietrich

Michael Dietrich - CEO, Owner

Michael Dietrich is the owner of Southeast Pathology Instrument Service. Michael started Southeast Pathology Instrument Service in 1997, has amassed much knowledge and a vast array of loyal customers (all he whom he considers being very good friends).  With his knowledgeable guidance, emphasis on customer relationships and attention to detail, Michael has crafted a team of professionals that make up Southeast Pathology Instrument Service today.

Today Michael remains in house, tends to run the business, monitoring service issues and quality control checks EVERY remanufactured instrument before leaving the shop.

Michael's ethics include dedication to his fellow human being and sensitivity to the needs of maintaining integrity to our world's threatened ecologies.  His time off is often spent with his brother in Panama tending to their 400-acre wilderness / eco-tourism project.!about-us/c1la5

Diagnosed with aggressive, advanced disease prostate cancer in 2011 and recently diagnosed with metastatic disease Michael maintains his physical and mental health via enjoying life with his loving wife Jenny, playing with his 4 granddaughters, working in his large garden, eating extremely well and making sure his business remains ethically clean and fair for all his customers and employees alike.

Michael encourages anybody with a recent diagnosis of prostate cancer to please feel free to contact him for any support or any knowledge he can possibly provide. [email protected]

Jenny Millstein

Jenny Millstein - Vice President, CFO

Jenny Millstein has over 25 years’ experience in accounting and office administration.  Jenny started Southeast Pathology Instrument Service with Michael in 1997 and currently monitors all the administrative activities including payroll, billing, receiving, quotes, contract proposals and a multitude of other details.  With a mind excelled in navigating the world of numbers and order (and with added extreme kindness), Jenny provides seamless structure and positive sentiment throughout our administrative operations.

Jenny and Michael started their lives together in 1977 at Antioch College in Yellow springs, Ohio.  They lived in Albuquerque, NM for many years where they raised their two children, Robbie and Emily.  Practiced in the fine art of patience and tolerance, Jenny keeps a cool head within the maelstrom of running a business with her quirky and often strange husband.

When Jenny isn't busy keeping Southeast Pathology Instrument Service from becoming unglued, she enjoys gardening, cooking fine meals for the family and most of all being a loving grandmother to her three young granddaughters, Maple, Amelia and Cecily.

John Astad

John Astad - Service Manager

John came to Southeast Pathology Instrument Service with an expansive and very impressive variety of skills.  Highly divergent, yet wonderfully synthesized into the brilliant mind of "John", John's past as a lead mechanic in a Ford Dealership, computer programmer, construction contractor, dirt track car racer,   hockey player and commercial finish expert has made him an indispensable member of the Southeast Pathology Instrument Service team.  On top of all that John is simply a very fine human being with a very friendly, caring soul.  John's work ethic is off the charts and is hyper diligent in maintaining an attitude of doing a job extremely well done.

John is the "air traffic controller" for all the service techs going out into the field.  Being a service manager is a never ending complicated task of allocating priority service to customers in need of quick response while making sure all the regular PM's and routine service load is being taken care of as fast and seamlessly as possible.  John's billions of rapid fire synapses handle the job extremely efficiently and our customer's service needs are always taken care of as quickly as possible.

During John's job interview with Michael they found out from each other that they both grew up in the same small suburb of Pittsburg, literally within two miles of each other.  They played in the same woods and fished in the same small local quarry pond, "Hangman's Hollow".  Never turning his back on co-incidence,  Michael hired John immediately and feels a fine kindred soul exists in the most important supportive role in the company.

One of the more decent people of Planet Earth, John spends his time off unable to refuse the requests of his dogs Itchy and Scratchy's intense needs of ball retrieval or of his friend's requests to help them with their cars in need of love and attention.

Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson - Sales and Purchasing Manager

Jim Thompson is the Sales and Purchasing Manager for Southeast Pathology Instrument Service.  Jim joined Southeast Pathology in 2008 after operating an independent pathology equipment brokerage company for several years.  Jim, Michael and Jenny have been close friends for many years, first meeting in the early 90s within a meditation practice community in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Customers will always find Jim relaxed, non aggressive and exceedingly honest to do business with.  Practicing the fine art of ethical fair play and integrity in business,  Jim sleeps well at night knowing he has made no promise he can not keep, never criticizes others in the industry and always does what he can to provide a seamless customer experience.

Jim is an adept skier, surfer and musician.  Jim lives in New Mexico, close to a mountain wilderness is which he spends much time hiking and meditating.  Ask Jim of his remote wilderness experience when he emerged from meditative deep thought and opened his eyes to find a Mountain Lion 40 feet away staring and sizing him up.

Whether tackling the slopes on his skis, riding in the barrel of a wave or while being analyzed as potential dinner for a mountain lion, you will always find Jim calm, collected and pleasant to do business with!


Marc Rabinowitz

Marc Rabinowitz - Sales and Purchasing Executive

Marc is based in San Francisco, California where he monitors and services his clients throughout the west and the entire United States.  Marc travels the west, meets with clients and monitors Sales, Purchasing, Web Management, Marketing and Design.  An avid photographer, Marc takes all the images of our instruments and his web designing handiwork can be seen through our entire website.  Marc's uplifting style is exceedingly friendly and accommodating, never impatient with customers and always available to answer questions and address issues.

Marc has been part of the family since he was a child when he and his brother Jon were close friends with Michael and Jenny's children, Robbie and Emily.  Growing up around Michael, Marc fully understands the eccentricities of his boss and adeptly knows how to "keep the fruitcake inline".

On the weekends you'll find Marc and his wonderfully upbeat girlfriend, Liza, exploring their very entertaining city of San Francisco, hiking throughout Northern California, snowboarding close by mountains or surfing the waves at Pacifica Beach.

Dan Warren

Dan Warren - Shipping and Receiving Manager

An integral member of the close knit family of Southeast Pathology Instrument Service, Dan has been close friends with Michael and Jenny since 1997 when they met on Folly Beach, SC.  Dan has been with Southeast Pathology Instrument Service since 2002.  Of extremely gregarious nature and one of the most positive minded individuals on planet earth,  Dan adds cohesion amongst all members of the team by providing "spiritual glue" to all functions within the company.
Dan has traveled extensively with Michael in field service calls and is familiar with many aspects of Southeast Pathology Instrument Service.  Dan builds crates, monitors inventory and covers all shipping and receiving details.  With tape gun in hand, Dan makes sure that all instruments are packaged safely and make it to their destinations in a timely manner.   Dan also maintains the appearance of the warehouse and is never more than three feet away from a broom, vacuum cleaner or scouring pad.
Dan is originally from Austin, Texas where he earned a degree in finance.  An extremely adept surfer,  Dan's love of adventure has taken him in many career directions in life including being a banker, construction contractor, salesman, off shore fisherman, fishmonger, vegetable stand executive and street vendor of Spam products. Dan enjoys living in a wonderfully historic house in Downtown Charleston with his brilliant wife, Dr. Kimber Price and their super intelligent sheppard "Aussie".
Dan likes Sun Chips, Coca Cola and many different varieties of chocolate candies.
Ian Gleason

Ian Gleason - Senior Service Technician

Ian has been with Southeast Pathology Instrument Service since 2004.  Ian grew up in the Atlanta area and graduated with honors in Fine Arts at the College of Charleston where he developed a reputation for being a very talented young artist.

Starting as a young man of 23 years old, Ian joined Michael in the field for several years of intensive education, fun and chaos.  Gaining much skill and knowledge from factory trainings and extended field service work, the "grasshopper" now often knows more than his mentor who fully understands how absolutely lost he would be without his very astute "number one".

Ian has had extensive factory trainings for Sakura, Leica, Thermo, Microm and Milestone instruments.   Ian and his wonderful wife Kimberly have a fine son, Anderson.  When he is not working, you will often find Ian upside down, clinging to rocks, buildings or any other surface that will hold his weight.  Acknowledged in being one of the most accomplished rock climbers in the Southeast,  Ian hangs out with his family, fishes the waterways of the low country, and spends time refining the art of Old Time fiddle playing.


Dan Fenner

Dan Fenner - Service Technician

Dan Fenner is the Customer Service Representative and the Service Coordinator for Southeast Pathology Instrument Service.  Dan's energetic, affable and upbeat personality is ideal for his primary role as customer liaison.  Navigating customers though their service issues, Dan provides structure for resolving problems and insures issues are seamlessly addressed in a professional and timely manner.  Dan also performs field service on most all makes and models of instruments we cover.

Dan works closely with John in resolving service issues and dispatching field service technicians to customers in need.  He is always attentive and always willing to do his best to help customers with their instrument issues.

Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Dan has lived in the South since 2001.  Dan is a former radio talk show host and graduate of the University of South Carolina, where he studied Political Science and English.  An astute rock climber,  Dan mentors climbing techniques to young students and attends climbing functions throughout the southeast United States.

On his time off work, Dan likes to frequent all the bars and dance clubs in downtown Charleston.  Dan always brings his collection of live action leprechauns along with him and few people in the bar scene in town have not met his favorite friends, Cecil, Crumpet, Scarborough and Brutus.

Jay Rice

Jay Rice - Field Service Technician

Jay Rice has been with Southeast Pathology Instrument Service since 2010.  With many years of factory trainings, in-house repair and expansive field work, Jay has acquired an exceptionally large base of knowledge regarding all the instruments he services.  Jay's ability to patiently assess electronic and mechanical issues the respect of our many customers.

Jay was born with a high aptitude of mechanical comprehension.   While many of us as children were caught turning the family toaster, DVD player or anything we could attack with a screwdriver into a million pieces, young Jay was one of the few kids that could put the family appliances back together again in working order.

Jay grew up in Charleston and graduated from the College of Charleston in Fine Arts.  An adept blacksmith and iron worker, Jay had the honor of being personally apprenticed with Phillip Simmons, a nationally acclaimed local African American blacksmith who for over fifty years created the finest wrought iron gate and fence work in Charleston.

Off work, Jay often enjoys strutting / shuffling / dancing down King Street in downtown Charleston, pretending to be Tony Manero (John Travolta) in the movie Saturday Night Fever.

Robbie Dietrich

Robbie Dietrich - Field Service Technician

Robbie Dietrich, son of Michael and Jenny,  has been active with Southeast Pathology Instrument Service since its beginning, joining his Dad in the field for work, fun, torture and educational frustration.
Robbie first showed signs of mechanical aptitude at 2 years old when he used his first Fisher Price tool set to attempt the removal of a golden retriever's nose.  "Ramona" was not very impressed but was eventually replaced by more appreciative cryostats, stainers and tissue processors.
Robbie has a highly affable and professional demeanor and continues to provide field service (with his little plastic wrench and hammer in his cute little hand) for Southeast Pathology when he has time away from his coffee oriented businesses, Cup Coffee Roasters and Tricera Coffee,, in downtown Charleston.
Robbie spent several years in Germany where he studied classical piano and found the love of his life (and very fine human being), Esther.  Together they parent their baby Amelia who will soon receive her own set of Fisher Price tools.  The family has no dog, but does have a pet turtle, "The Admiral".
We are all anxiously standing by to see if Amelia has what it takes to join the future Southeast Pathology Instrument Service team.   The Admiral is too.
Charlie Meyers

Charlie Meyers - Senior Bond and Peloris Service Technician

If you own a Leica Peloris tissue processor or Bond immunostainer there is a good chance that you have had the pleasure of meeting Charlie Meyers.  A nationally acknowledged guru on Bond stainers and Peloris processors,  Charlie's command of these instruments is without equal.

Present during the inception and development of these instruments and with over ten years of Leica field service experience Charlie knows every nut, screw, tube and electron that holds these units together. Charlie has serviced many hundreds of labs across the US and is known as a pre-eminent authority in his specialty.  Reliable, dedicated, extremely intelligent and very personable, customers love and respect Charlie knowing they are in the best of hands when he walks through their door.  If you have a down Bond or Peloris unit, Charlie will fix it right and fix it fast.

Based near Nashville, TN, A typical work week for Charlie is being in two states one day, three states the next and twelve states by the end of the week.  With his eyes spinning after a marathon of work, Charlie will be heading to his next client with tubes, wires and integrated circuit boards sticking out of every pants pocket.  By Friday you will usually find nuts, screws, fuses, capacitors and transistors nested into his socks.  He won't be able to tell you where he is and maybe not even who he is, but every machine he touched will be as good or better than when shipped out of the factory.

By traditional standards, Charlie is a little bit, kinda sorta, NUTS.  His personality is lots of type A, some type B with very healthy smatterings of all other types, C through Z.  Whatever the hell he is, he's an absolute genius savant and works harder than anybody you will ever meet.  The "Cookoo for Cocoa Puffs" Toucan is a joke compared to a "Cookoo for Field Service" Charlie and the "Ever ready Bunny" is a lazy slob.  "Ever ready Charlie" likely has uranium batteries that NEVER stop.

On his days off Charlie enjoys life with his wonderful wife Stephanie, tending to their horses and working on their small farm.  Charlie is an avid knitter and wiles away his spare time in airplanes, hotel rooms, at sporting events and in front of football games on TV, knitting booties, sweaters and blankies for his grandchildren Sarah, Jacob, Tito, Brutus, Julia and Penelope, none of who yet exist.

Derrick Hood

Derrick Hood - Field Service Technician

Derrick joined Southeast Pathology Instrument Service in 2012 .  He previously worked for Thermo Scientific for 6 years gaining much knowledge and experience in their entire line of histology instruments including Excelsior processors, Gemini Stainers and Clearvue coverslippers.  A quick learner, Derrick has developed mastery on all the instruments we service.
Well known throughout the Southeast,  Derrick has earned the reputation of being a highly capable and trusted technician.  His sincere demeanor, good humor and highly respectful nature makes him a favorite with customers who know they can count on him for consistency, honesty and reliability.

Derrick earned a BS in Electronics Technology and has been in Field Service since 2002.     Based in Charlotte, Derrick enjoys life with his awesome wife Jessica and their son Landry.  Derrick is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking and especially fishing.


Derrick loves fishing to the point of fanaticism.  Ask Derrick what he is going to do this weekend?  He will answer, "Going fishing." Ask Derrick what is his favorite fossil and he will answer "An Ichthyosaurus".   Derrick goes to sleep at night dreaming of being sent back in time in a combination time machine / bass boat.  Casting live Trilobites as bait into the sea, Derrick dreams of being the first human being ever to catch an Ichthyosaurus and become known as the first fisherman ever on planet earth.


Charleston J. Cowart

Charleston J. Cowart - Field Service Technician

Charleston is our Atlanta-based service technician.  Charleston has been a service tech in histology instruments since 2006 when he started his career with Vashaw Scientific, an ex-Leica histology instrument dealer in Atlanta.  Very bright and a sponge for knowledge, Charleston started field work at an early age and has became a bit of a prodigy in the field.

Charleston worked for Leica for several years where he acquired much skill and experience on the Leica Peloris and ASP 300 processors, CV 5030 coverslippers, ST 5020 stainers, microtomes and cryostats.  Charleston has been with Southeast Pathology Instrument Service since 2012 and has been thoroughly cross-trained on Sakura, Thermo and Milestone instruments.  Charleston's skill level, friendliness and fine sense of humor inspires loyalty in others and many of our customers view Charleston as a friend and highly trusted technician.

Charleston grew up near Atlanta, Georgia.  Raised in true southern graciousness you will only find Charleston to be respectful, extremely honest and honorably proud of his friends, family and country.  Charleston played football in highschool and still loves the sport.  A loyal Bulldog's fan, you find Charleston either ecstatic or thoroughly crushed after each game.  Don't bother with watching the news to find the final result of a Bulldog's game.  One look at Charleston's face tells it all.

Charleston's Mama fell deeply in love with her son immediately after his birth.  She found her new baby so beautiful she decided to name him after the most beautiful city she ever saw, Charleston.  Still quite the handsome fellow, Charleston enjoys life with his lovely wife Amber and their two labs. On his time off Charleston hangs out at his nice new property where he enjoys setting down roots and practicing the fine art of lawn mowing.

Mark Bump

Mark Bump - Service/ Warehouse Technician

Mark came to Southeast Pathology Instrument Service from a background rich in talent.  An adept Sculptor, Mark graduated with honors in Fine Arts from The College of Charleston where he has been a professor for several years.

You will find several artists within the SEPIS team and Mark is a fine example of why artistic ability and diagnostic skill go hand in hand.  Mark's artistic genius has given him the ability to greatly think outside the box, able to piece together progressionary cause and effect, logic sequences and use pattern recognition as a means of deciphering and manipulating characteristics necessary in creating art (or in the world of instrument repair, the ability to recognize and diagnose dysfunction within an instrument) .

With a past in construction, electronics and mechanics, Mark has a wide variety of practical skills to work with.  Mark's quick and creative mind has fostered an unusually quick ability to learn and assimilate fine understanding of the inner workings of all our instrumentation.  Mark's patient and considerate personality make him a pleasure to work with, both for our customers and his fellow work mates.

Mark enjoys his life with his charming wife Karlin and their very playful boy, Oscar.

Scott Britton

Scott Britton - Field Service Technician

Michael met Scott while he was providing electrical service work on Michael and Jenny's house during its reconstruction.  After several years of observing Scott's efficient work habits, even headed personality, ceaseless dedication to the job at hand and flawless quality of work, Michael offered Scott a position at Southeast Pathology Instrument Service.

Being a Journeyman Electrician, Scott has well learned the complicated field of an electrician and has adapted extremely well to the requirements presented to him in field service work.

Scott is our resident specialist in refrigeration repair and is well known throughout our territory as "Captain Cryostat".   "Look, there goes Captain Cryostat!" can be heard from the lips of admiring fans as Scott valiantly travels throughout the southeast in our specially adapted for refrigeration field service, Ford Transit Van, "Gomer".

Scott enjoys life in his new home with his exceptionally sweet wife, Erica and their two cool children, Tristan and Abby.